Balls The Movie

What happens when you mix the mayhem of Fantasy Football weekend with Golf? You get "Balls The Movie"!!

Production Notes:

Video Produced and Directed by Jeffrey Ohler. Starring Dan Yokum, Dan Shephard, Mark Goodman, Jimmy Lenz, and Roy Houser. Used a Sony SR11 HD Handycam. Filmed August of 2009.


Polar Vortex

This video was my first test run with my new GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition. The Polar Vortex of January 2014 was the perfect testing grounds for this! Enjoy!

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Space Rangers

Animated short using Lightwave. This project remains active and a new version will be coming soon. The Deathbots and the Space Rangers will do battle!

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D.K. Challenge

Episode 02 of The Arcade Hollywood web-series. Antics of a Donkey Kong high score, also starring Dan Yokum.

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