Chris & Mark 1986

Check out Chris & Mark in pure 80's glory! Filmed while Mark and Chris were running for student office in 1986.

Production Notes:

Video Produced and Directed by Jeffrey Ohler, Starring Chris Pursifull & Mark Hahn

An extensive ongoing project to digitally restore and remaster all of my old movies from the years 1978 to 1990.


News Team 6

News spoof starring Mark Goodman, Ryan Boyer and Heidi Spiegel.

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Balls The Movie

What happens when you mix golf with fantasy football? You get Balls!! Check out this wacky clip starring Dan Yokum, Dan Shephard, Mark Goodman, Jimmy Lenz and Roy Houser.

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The Lifegaurd

Comedy clip starring Ryan Boyer. Tough guy lifegaurd with a sensitive side?

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