The Hathaways
"Confess Your Love"

Filmed early Spring of 2005 at the Bunker in Dayton, Ohio. Original concept video for The Hathaways DVD release called "Alive". This version was restored and cleaned up in 2012.

Production Notes:

Video Produced and Directed by Jeffrey Ohler. Starring: Tom Baer, Barry Drake, Chuck Drake, Tom Dempsey and Kenny Rice. Filmed with a standard definition Sony Handycam, filmed against a green screen. Visuals created with Lightwave and After Effects.


Space Rangers

Animated video with original music by The Hathaways.

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Double O Show

Episode 05: The Double O Show chronicles the young life of Owen Ohler. Check it out as he discovers the Hilliard Pool.

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News Team 6

Wacky disgruntled news group takes the airwaves.

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